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Erolias Owner posted Jul 11, 15

Im keeping the Site and the Teamspeak Running, If anyone wishes to use it you are more than welcome.

I have been mainly spending my time streaming Firefall, League of legends, other games @, and providing networking support for a US ISP.

I hope everyone is doing well.

Best wishes and have fun!

First and Foremost let me say thank you to all that have been with our family at Ecosance, to the players and their families for the support.

Now everyone is asking what has been going on, what happened?

First of all we are not back as of yet... (we are temporally open while we implement the new donation system) we never left but Mojang is trying to shut all servers down with the hopes of owners going to his own paid servers only. Mojang has made it very hard for us to come up with a viable plan of action.

We were given a shut down notice from Mojang until we were able to fix our dilemma with keeping the server up.

We are at fault for not explaining this better but we had no choice.

We will be explaining to everyone in the next week's Ecosance update, how this will effect our  longtime supporters and new players. All past donators have had their donation features removed and will receive, 90 days of free Access to our New Membership area on\Members

The release update can be found on the Forums page under Ecosance/server/updates

Please check out the Forums page on what is to come on the next server update and what to expect for our Supporters.